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Extra-long Premium Braided Lightning Cable

Premium-Braided-Lightning-Cable plugged into several devices

Premium-Braided-Lightning-Cable plugged into several devices

With the Extra-Long Premium Braided Lightning Cable you don’t have to stay next to the outlet to charge your device!

The problem with charging and sync cables is that they are either too short or poorly made and last for a few months.  With the Griffin’s extra-long premium braided lightning cable those worries are a thing of the past. This premium braided charging cable is 10-foot in length which allows you to plug your iPhone or iPad in the outlet across the room and still have the leverage to use your device comfortably. Designed and engineered with wear-resistant materials and long-life connectors, the cable is covered with a braided nylon cable jacket that is flexible and stable while the connector housing are made from Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum for durability and long life.  Griffin’s claims this cable has undergone ultra-testing for long life and has been put through 10,000 cycles of brutal bend testing to ensure a product that is tough and more reliable than any other cables on the market.  The company backs up its claim with a lifetime guarantee that this cable will charge or sync your device for as long as you own them and in the event of failure, the company will replace them no questions asked.

The Cost? $39.99


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