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Ergonomic Ceramic Blade Box Cutter

ceramic blade Box Cutter

ceramic blade Box Cutter

The Ergonomic Ceramic Blade Box Cutter is a Safe and Efficient Box Cutter!

The ergonomic box cutter is a radical new box cutter designed with comfort in mind that features a ceramic safety blade, 3-position manual button and stays sharp up to 10x longer than steel blades.  Ceramic blades are known for durability and can last significantly longer than metal blades, the zirconium oxide ceramic blade with rounded tip for safety is equal to about 20 metal blades, this saves money, time and the hassle of constantly having to replace blades especially if you are using the box cutter in a busy environment.  Not to mention, ceramic blades are non-conductive, anti-magnetic and will never rust.  The 3-position manual slider button allows the ceramic blade to stay locked in 3-positions, fully extended, semi-protruding and fully hidden.  The ceramic blade protrudes just half-inch for safety and is designed primarily for cutting corrugated packaging, foam, vinyl boxes, cardboard, paper etc.
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