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Emergency Power Outage Light

Emergency Power Outage Light

Emergency Power Outage Light

The Emergency Power Outage Light Turns on Automatically During a Power Outage!

When the power goes out be sure to have the automatic emergency power outage light installed in your home. The SK638 system is a complete home back up light system that will complement your handheld lanterns and flashlights. The lights are easily mountable on your wall and turns on automatically when the power goes out. The rechargeable LED lamps will illuminate for up to 8-hour at full brightness and 16-hours at half brightness. The light can also be used as an outdoor lantern for backyard gatherings. An optional night light feature allows the light to be used as a soft night light when the device’s sensor detects darkness in an area of your home. The emergency power outage light is a must have for any emergency and is another tool you can add to your arsenal of preparedness.
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