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Emergency Hand Crank Power Bank

Hand Crank Power Bank for Charging Smartphones

Hand Crank Power Bank for Charging Smartphones

This Emergency Hand Crank Power Bank, Radio, Flashlight and SOS Alarm Keeps You Prepared for any Emergency!

With the wave of rolling blackouts across the United States, its imperative more than ever to be prepared for the power going out in your area.  The FosPower Emergency Hand Crank Power Bank is more than just a 2000mAh power bank but a NOAA AM/FM weather radio, LED Flashlight, Reading Lamp and SOS alarm all in one device.  The 2000mAh power bank is capable of providing power to your smartphone, tablet or any small electronic device and is conveniently recharged by using the crank lever and solar panels which are both capable of regenerating enough power to keep the radio, lights and SOS alarm ready to use.  In the event of cloud cover or laziness the device can use AAA batteries to regenerate power.  Two built-in light sources, one LED flashlight and the other a reading lamp provides enough output to keep you and your loved ones out of the dark.  The NOAA radio will keep you connected with the latest emergency news while the SOS alarm will notify help in an emergency situation.
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