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Electric Heated Car Blanket

Heated Car Blanket

Heated Car Blanket

This Electric Heated Car Blanket Keeps You Warm Behind the Wheel!

Stay warm behind the wheel this winter with the electric heated car blanket. If you own a large truck or SUV there is some parts of the cabin that may still be cold even with the heat blasting at the highest level. The heated blanket keeps you or your passengers warm and toasty when the temperature plummets outside and your vehicle heating is just not enough. Simply plug the blanket into your car’s 12-volt outlet and stay warm when driving anywhere this winter. The blanket is equipped with an extra-long 96” cord so you can use those car outlets that are not easily accessible and save the ones closest to you for charging your devices. The heated blanket is lightweight, durable and perfect for long haul road trips when the temperature outside is freezing cold.
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