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Electric Bug Zapper



Stay free of Bugs and Insects with the Electric Bug Zapper!

Summer is here and you are not the only one that loves the warm weather.  If there anything more annoying its fighting off pesky insects as you try to relax or sleep.  The Electric Bug Zapper takes care of insect annoyance by introducing them to a little electricity.  Don’t be fooled by its good looks, the bug zapper is an effective bug zapping machine that will keep your space free of bugs and insects.  It works by emitting a specific frequency to attract insects and draw them into the high voltage grid inside where they receive a life ending zap of electricity.  If you are worried that the zapper may sound like your electric heater, don’t worry, the manufacturer claims the bug zapper is super quiet and only emits a gentle sound that won’t disturb your relaxation or sleep.  The zapper is radiation free affordable and easy to use.

The Cost? $22.99


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