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Eggplant Shaped Sauce Bottle

eggplant shaped sauce bottle

eggplant shaped sauce bottle

This Eggplant Shaped Sauce Bottle is Ideal for Squirting Condiments on your Foods!

Why can’t a bottle be shaped like an eggplant or any other vegetable? This eggplant shaped sauce bottle is probably one of the first to utilize the convenient bulging shape of an eggplant to create a condiment bottle. The shape off the eggplant allows you to squirt your favorite condiments such as mayo or ketchup on your favorite dishes after your evening grill. Make a tight grip of the bottle, shake it up and down then squeeze it onto your food. The design of the bottle is guaranteed to turn heads and become an object of conversation at your dinner table. Made of LDPE material, the bottle is dishwasher safe and easily refillable.
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