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Easy Heat 200-Foot Roof Snow De-Icing Kit



Easy Heat 200-Foot Roof Snow De-Icing Kit Melts Roof Snow & Ice!

As a follow up to our last post, if you are tired of doing the physical work to remove snow from your roof then you can let technology do it for you in the form of the Easy Heat 200-Foot Snow De-Icing Kit.  You are well aware that removing snow from your rooftop is a necessity to avoid expensive damage to your roof, ceilings, gutters and downspouts and roof pipes especially if that snow becomes solid ice when the temperature plunges.  The task of removing snow is tedious and back breaking even though the avalanche roof rake relives some of the hard work involved it nonetheless requires some form of physical work.

If you would rather avoid it all then you can invest in the roof snow de-icing kit which is a cable system that spans the length of your roof and delivers heat to melt accumulated snow before it turns to dangerous ice. The kit comes in five cable sizes ranging from 20’, 80’, 120’, 160’ and 200’ that can be installed by clipping onto your roof tiles with the included clips to keep the cables in place.  Installation would be best done prior to or just at the beginning of the winter season.  Depending on the size of your roof, installation will take a few hours and your roof will be ready to melt any accumulated snow. CSA certified with a power output of 5-watts per foot and comes with a 3-wire grounded plug for optimal safety.

For the price of $99.99 and a few hours of installation work, the Easy Heat Snow De-Icing Kit is a worthwhile investment that will not only save you tons of money but your precious back as well.

The Cost? $99.99


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