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Dutch Oak Curved Cheese Knife

Curved Cheese Knife Slicing Cheese

Curved Cheese Knife Slicing Cheese

The Boska Dutch Oak Curved Cheese Knife is the Ultimate Knife for Precision Slices!

When you want to create perfect slices reach for the Boska Dutch Oak Curved Cheese Knife.  This remarkable knife created by Boska Holland the master of cheese wares, is one gigantic curved blade with oak handles for you to enjoy cheese sliced to perfection.  The curved nature of the blade and the oak handles allows you to make quick work of slicing up your favorite cheese.  The rocking motion of the curved blade allows for equal slices of cheese to be cut in no time. In addition to cutting cheese, the Dutch Oak knife can also be used to slice your pizza into the perfect sized slices. Because of its odd design, this cutting knife is guaranteed to inquire questions and comments when you entertain your guests.
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