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Duex Pro Portable Laptop Monitor

Portable Laptop Monitor

Portable Laptop Monitor

Duex Pro Portable Laptop Monitor Let’s you Multi-Task with Dual Laptop Screens!

When it comes to multi-tasking, if you enjoy working on your laptop at the park, on the road, in the library or on the go, the Duex Pro Portable Laptop Monitor is a must have.  It extends your laptop screen with an additional screen so you can multi-task and get your assignments completed.  Laptop screen sizes are restricted by the portability of laptops, even 17” laptops which are bigger than traditional laptop screens and better to work on than smaller screens but can be bulky to carry around daily.  The Duex Pro provides an additional screen to extend the working space of any size laptop whether 13.5” all the way to 17”.  It offers full HD 1920 x 1080 display for optimum viewing and has 180-degree presentation mode.  In addition, the clip-on module allows for rotation up to 270-degrees, so you easily show your proposals to those sitting next to and adjacent to you.  The portable laptop monitor weighs only 1.6 pounds which is incredibly light and can fit right in your laptop bag with ease.
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