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Dual 2-in-1 LED IPS Monitor



Phillips Dual 2-in-1 LED IPS Monitor lets you multi-task with dual monitors for increased productivity!

Research has found that dual monitors significantly increases productivity and reduce work errors while reducing work stress.  The Phillips Dual 2-in-1 LED IPS Monitor will increase your productivity and work efficiency by displaying all your work on the two 19” displays at 1280×1024 resolution with a 5:4 aspect ratio and flicker free technology to reduce strain on your eyes.  The two displays can either be combined seamlessly for one large display or used as two separate displays.  Experience the advantage of dual monitors, multi-task more efficiently, compare documents and information, have more fun gaming and do more in less time with less stress.   With an ultra-thin lightweight footprint, the monitor will clear up space on your desktop compared to traditional multi-monitor stands.  The sleek and sturdy stand offers a range of adjustments to get comfortable for ultimate productivity.

The Cost? $386.99


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