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Dual-Head Smart Toothbrush

Smart Toothbrush

Smart Toothbrush

The Dual-Head Smart Toothbrush Cleans Teeth Individually!

Keeping your teeth clean is one of the main activities in maintaining good hygiene.  The TALO is a self-brushing smart toothbrush with a dual-head that cleans your teeth individually.  Unlike traditional toothbrushes which cleans all your teeth together, the TALO brushes each tooth separately with the right amount of pressure to remove food particles between spaces and to achieve thorough cleansing.  You may be thinking brushing one teeth a time would surely be time consuming to clean your entire mouth, but It takes only 20 seconds to clean the whole mouth including your gums, that’s much faster than traditional brushing.  The key is the dual-head brushes one of your top and bottom teeth simultaneously and quickly moves on to the next pair.  Its comfortable and fits any sized mouth even the loud-mouthed ones.  Features a wireless charging dock and its built-in Li-Ion batteries will last up to eight days on a single charge.
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