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DoorJammer Portable Door Brace

Portable Door Brace

Portable Door Brace

DoorJammer Portable Door Brace keeps your doors secure!


Secure your home and prevent unwarranted entry with the DoorJammer Portable Door Brace. This heavy-duty home security device jams your front and rear door and prevents intruders from kicking in the door. The patented system channels horizontal force applied to the door in the form of a kick or crowbar downwards into the floor. This maintains door stability and prevent the door from breaking or opening. The DoorJammer is compatible with most standard home doors and takes less than a few seconds to setup and install. The DoorJammer keeps intruders out and in the event of an emergency and you need to get outside, simply pull the handle upward to remove the device from the door. The device is portable and can be taken along on trips especially overseas for use at hotels, guest rooms, hostels etc.

Cost? $29.99

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