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Dollar Bill Rubik’s Cube

Dollar Bill Rubik’s Cube

Dollar Bill Rubik’s Cube

The New Dollar Bill Rubik’s Cube Puzzle Keeps This Iconic Toy Alive!

We all remember the famous Rubik’s Cube that mesmerized the world when it first came out in 1974.  Since then this iconic cube has undergone many transformations and enhancements to fit the time.  In our time we have witnessed several iterations of the Rubik’s Cube from Cube lamps to more, with the latest being the Dollar Bill Rubik’s Cube Puzzle.  This 3”x3”x3” cube is designed with one USD back pattern.  Unlike traditional color-coded Rubik’s cubes, the key with this dollar bill puzzle is to arrange each segment so the dollar bill is complete.  Rubik’s cube is known for reducing stress, exercising your brain, improving memory and practicing hands-on dexterity skills and makes a great gift for your friends and family.  In addition, if you are environmentally conscious you would be glad to know that this cube is made of eco-friendly ABS material that is harmless to humans and the environment.
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