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DIY Garden Guest House

DIY Garden Guest House

DIY Garden Guest House

This DIY Garden Guest House can be assembled in less than 24-Hours!

This DIY Garden Guest House by Allwood is the perfect guest house for your backyard that you can assemble in less than 24-hours with two adults and can be done in about 8-hours with experienced builders.  This solid wood structure has an inside floor area of 172 Sqf. with 13/16” wall thickness and is ideal for backyards as a recreational lounge, guest house or home office.  The structure actually comes in two separate 86 Sqf. Pieces that are connected together.  One 86 Sqf. Section is the housing quarters while the other is an outdoor covered porch.  A great investment for properties with large backyards and can also be used in rural settings for storage.
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