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Diveroid Underwater Camera System



Diveroid Turns Your Smartphone into an Underwater Camera!

If you enjoy taking underwater pictures, there is no need to invest in expensive underwater photography equipment. With Diveroid, you can turn your ordinary Smartphone into an underwater camera and with the resolution of today’s Smartphone cameras you can enjoy the same quality photographs as with expensive underwater photography equipment. Diveroid is not the first device that uses your smartphone underwater its just the first that is feature rich and universal. The universal fit allows you to insert and use any kind or size of Smartphone regardless of brand that is one of the features that sets this apart from other underwater Smartphone devices. In addition, Diveroid uses a specialized app to control everything while underwater and to process and organize all your photographs. In order to touch the screen of your phone which is enclosed within the Diveroid case, it uses a 3-prong physical button that will touch the screen through the glass allowing you to control your Smartphone while diving underwater.
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