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Disposable Biodegradable Mini Grill

Single Use Biodegradable Mini Grill

Single Use Biodegradable Mini Grill

CasusGrill Disposable Biodegradable Mini Grill is Ideal For Camping or Hiking!

Experience a new and convenient way to barbeque with the CasusGrill disposable biodegradable mini grill.  This portable grill is a single-use grill that can be disposed of and is 100% biodegradable.  It’s made from all natural materials that can be broken down back into the earth making it completely biodegradable, its finally a grill that can be thrown away after use.  Compact design makes it portable and easy to carry and store when ready to use.  Set up is easy with only 3-steps, the base comes assembled, all you will need to do is put together the cardboard stand and attach the bamboo grate.  In addition, it uses lava stones that do not require lighter fluid to ignite.

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