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Desktop Air Attack Catapult



The Desktop Air Attack Catapult lets you have fun, relax and be a kid again!

Let’s face it, work can be stressful and doing it for eight hours a day can be extremely stressful.  However we can alleviate some of that work stress by relaxing and hurtling a few stones at a nearby city with the Desktop Air Attack Catapult.  This amazing little toy can be assembled in a heartbeat and will have you immersed in fun for hours.  We don’t want you ending up on the unemployment line, so this toy is only to be used when you have free time at work to destress and relax.  The catapult comes with six orange spiked rubbers balls that resemble the real thing medieval armies hurled at each other’s cities.  Each ball can be launched up to 40 feet with great precision depending on your accuracy.   The catapult is a fun and easy game to relax, destress and be a kid again.

The Cost? $14.99


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