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DarkFin Webbed Swimming Gloves

Webbed Swimming Gloves

Webbed Swimming Gloves

DarkFin Webbed Swimming Gloves Increases Your Power and Speed in the Water!

Increase your performance in the water with the DarkFin webbed swimming gloves.  Let’s face it we have five fingers which are just not suitable for improving your paddle speed when swimming even if your hands are cupped.  Enter the DarkFin swimming gloves, which increases the surface area of your hand by up to 70%, increasing your power and speed in the water.  It’s achieved by a simple 3-D web profile built into the gloves that are similar to the web on a Duck’s feet that increases propulsion while in the water.  The gloves are ultra-thin, 0.9 mm or 1/28 inch in thickness which is almost unnoticeable and will allow easy use of underwater cameras and other devices while in the water.  In addition, this wetsuit gloves keeps your hands warm while in cold water allowing you to stay in the water longer.
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