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Curved Cuddle Pillow

Cuddle Pillow

Cuddle Pillow

This Curved Cuddle Pillow Let’s You Cuddle Your Hubby Without Numbing Your Arm!

Its not always easy to cuddle your spouse in bed without getting your arm numb with a conventional pillow. This tunnel shaped cuddle pillow solves that problem by preventing pressure and numbness of limbs while cuddling. We all know how important it is to show physical affection in bed especially between married couples but when it becomes a painful physical task to do so its impossible to keep in a cuddle position for too long. With the cuddle pillow you can cuddle your loved ones for hours on time free of arm numbing or shoulder pain. The pillows are designed like an arch with four arched plastic braces keeping the pillow in the arched configuration. The braces serve to block pressure from pressing again an arm or leg that is extended through the arch. The pillows are made in the United States from specialty suspension foam that will never go flat unlike conventional pillows. The pillow can be used solo or with your partner and can also be used for resting, reading, watching TV etc. Comes in two sizes, standard and oversized.
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