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Cubes Memory Foam Pillow

Cubes Memory Foam Pillow

Cubes Memory Foam Pillow

The Cubes Memory Foam Pillow conforms to your head for maximum comfort!


The Cubes Memory Foam Pillow is a revolutionary new pillow made with 70 individual cubes arranged in a geometric structure.  Because you sleep in multiple positions throughout the night, the geometric cubes adjust to fit the contour of your head as you turn from side to side.


This is the type of pillow that accommodates your sleep posture, so if you are suffering from insomnia, snoring, the cubes memory foam pillow may help with those conditions.  The cubes memory foam pillow allows more movement and adjustability more than a regular memory foam pillow and unlike traditional memory foam pillow, the segmented sections of the cubes pillow allow it to conform to your head for maximum comfort.

The Cost? $79.00

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