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CRKT Provoke Folding Pocket Blade

Folding Pocket Blade

Folding Pocket Blade

The CRKT Provoke Folding Pocket Blade is a Potent Self-Defense Tool!

Let’s face it, we live in uncertain times and personal protection is more important than ever.  Whether you are fighting off an attacker or need a tool to cut yourself out of trouble, the CRKT provoke folding pocket blade is a multi-function tool that will come in very useful in an emergency situation.  The first responder blade is a Karambit-style pocket knife that features Kinematic technology.  It remains neatly tucked away on your person and with thumb pressure applied to the upper crossbar, sets the chain reaction in motion causing the D2 steel blade to lunge to action while you maintain a firm grasp on the handle.  It’s made of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum for supreme toughness and is guaranteed to last a lifetime.  It’s the perfect tool for survivalists, outdoorsman, preppers or the average everyday person seeking an efficient personal protection multitool.
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