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CRKT Freyr Axe



The CRKT Freyr Axe is the kind of tool that may become a lifesaver!


This is the kind of axe you will need if you ever find yourself in a survival situation where you need to cut branches to provide heat or tear the flesh of a wild animal.  The CRKT Freyr Axe, designed by Elmer Roush is a Norse designed axe with an all-American soul.  Traditional axe shapes have been around for thousands of years and while modern designers have been slowly changing the shape of axes, the design has pretty much stayed the same.  Freyr’s axe mimics the deep beard Viking style axes, with its balance and pure burliness, this axe is in a class of its own.  With its hot forged 1055 carbon steel blade, this axe slices through the toughest wood and its Tennessee hickory handle makes it easy to use for extended periods of time.  Durable and long lasting, the blade receives a passivation treatment for corrosion resistance.  To protect your investment, an aftermarket leather sheath is available for purchase.  This utilitarian axe is the workhorse you will need in your toolkit.

Cost? $71.99

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