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Outdoor Kayak Floating Cooler



CreeKKooler Outdoor Kayak Floating Cooler keeps your drinks cold on the water!


When the temperature and humidity rise this summer, there is nothing like reaching for a cold drink to cool off.  Whether you are camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing or just enjoying the beach, the CreekKooker Outdoor kayak floating cooler keeps your drink cold on the water.  The cooler holds all your drinks in an easy to access insulated canoe that you can tow along behind your kayak. You can store cold water, beer, sodas or whatever your drink preference. No more lugging heavy coolers around or waiting and dying of thirst until you get back to shore, the floating cooler lets you enjoy a cold drink anywhere on the water.


This unique cooler is shaped like a kayak and can navigate through rapids while staying connected to your kayak. Inside the plastic dual-wall shell, two inches of insulation keeps your drinks ice cold for up to two days.  Ice capacity is up to 20 pounds with an additional space for up to 30 cans of your favorite beverage.


The CreekKooler is versatile and can be used in any settings that allows it float on water. Tow it behind your canoe, your surfboard, small boats or even your body.  When on shore, the cooler can be dragged on land with three built-in skids on the underside to easily move it along sandy beaches.  No worries of water entering your cooler, the lid is sealed with a rubber O-ring and screws into places snuggly to keep your drinks dry inside.  Quench your thirst this summer and stay cool with the outdoor floating cooler.

The Cost? $145.74

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