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CouchCoaster Drink Holder



The CouchCoaster Drink Holder keeps your Drink in Place!

Relax and enjoy the football game and keep your drink in reach with the CouchCoaster Drink Holder.  The ultimate drink holder for your sofa which holds not only cups but bottles, cans, mugs, glass and any kind of beverage you might want to enjoy.  No need to place your drinks on a table that ends up being kicked over when your team loses a point or to constantly bend over to pick up your drinks from the floor, the drink holder keeps your drink ready and within easy reach. CouchCoaster is versatile, flexible and is made of durable, heat-resistant wipe clean silicone. Its flexible body seamlessly wraps around the arms of your sofa and remains in place with the weight of your drink.  Sturdy and remains in the same place the drink holder can neither tilt to the side, backward or forward.  Can be used also with hot beverages and ideal for both children and adults. Comes in a range of colors to match your sofa color.

The Cost? $77.00


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