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Cocoon Spherical Tree Bed

Cocoon Spherical Tree Bed
Cocoon Spherical Tree Bed

Photo: cocoontree

This Cocoon Spherical Tree Bed Provides a Birds Eye View of the Terrain Below!

This Cocoon Spherical tree bed allows you to sleep under the stars or relax during the day. It’s a three-meters diameter sphere and can accommodate a double bed, allowing two people to enjoy a comfortable evening outside. In contrast to an average-sized tent, there is also enough space for accessories, allowing you to carry more things with you. It’s light weight and can be suspended between two trees, thanks to the lightweight aluminum frame. Six anchor points improve stability when suspended or four stand-alone legs can elevate it off the ground to keep it free from water and small animals. Moreover, its waterproof and can be used in heavy rain. In addition, its spherical design makes it wind resistant so you can enjoy sleeping in the outdoors with peace of mind.

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