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ChopFit Portable Home Gym

Portable Home Gym

Portable Home Gym

ChopFit Portable Home Gym Uses the Action of Swinging an Axe to Get You in Shape!

There are so many home gyms out there all promising to get you that sculpted body you envy.  The ChopFit portable home gym uses the natural action of chopping logs to build your body, burn calories and lose weight.  ChopFit portable home gym is a personal fitness tool that alternates weight along the axe handle, the closer to the head you hold the axe the heavier it becomes.  The axe weighs only four pounds but its unique design uses weight distribution to create loads ranging from 6 to 16 pounds depending on where you grip the handle.  It provides an intense workout for your upper body, core, legs, stamina and is ideal for HIIT workouts.
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