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BumpShox Front Car Bumper Protector

car bumper protector

car bumper protector

BumpShox Front Car Bumper Protector protects your vehicle from scratches and dents!


Provide protection for your car’s bumper wit the BumpShox front car bumper protector.  This bumper protector keeps your bumper scratch free by providing a cushion between your car and the car parked in front.  It also protects from accidentally hits during parallel parking.  Its basically a thickened licensed plate frame that holds your license plate while protecting your vehicle at the same time.

It measures 15” wide x 10” long and 2.5” thick and is much larger than standard license plate holders and tougher than steel according to its manufacturer.  The material is all weather durable foam that won’t crack or rust and the edges are configured in a pyramid shape with steel angles to increase its shock absorption abilities. Put the BumShox on your bumper and forget about cars backing into your while parallel parking.

Cost? $39.95

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