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Bugatti Hyper Truck



Bugatti Hyper Truck Stretches the Limit Between Concept and Reality!

The Bugatti Hyper Truck is a fusion of concept and reality. This wild amazing design looks similar to trucks in the Hollywood blockbuster movie I-Robot, but just as the movie was a fantasy, this amazing design is just that, a rendering created by a senior interior designer at the Chinese automaker Dongfeng. The designer incorporated some key designs from Bugatti including C-shaped elements from the Bugatti Chiron and a circular glass pod that seats the drivers. Included as well is Bugatti’s iconic horseshoe grill. Unknown is whether this truck if its built will be electric or powered by the Chiron’s quad-turbo, W16 engine.   Although this is just a concept, the designers hope to one day see this rig besides a Tesla on a highway near you.
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