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Brush Hero Water-Powered Detail Brush



Brush Hero Water-Powered Detail Brush cleans virtually everything around the home!

We all love washing our cars and having them look shiny and clean.  Why not after we have invested our life savings in a good automobile, it simply makes sense to keep it clean but when it comes to cleaning rims it’s a not such an easy task.  Thankfully the Brush Hero Water-Powered Detail Brush has our back by alleviating the back breaking work it takes to scrub between all the angles of your vehicle rims.  Originally designed as a water-powered turbine for auto detailing, the Brush Hero has evolved into a device that can clean virtually anything.  The high powered brush reaches deep between crevices to clean your vehicle rims to a spotless shine.  The brush requires no batteries or electricity and does not have any blades or parts that will need to be replaced.  Simply screw the Brush Hero onto your garden hose and watch the turbine spin away to clean dirty surfaces with up to 15 pounds of torque.  The Brush Hero is the perfect combination of power and versatility and is a must-have in your garage from using it to enhance your car washing experience to scrubbing off that grime that has been building up on the outdoor furniture in your backyard.

The Cost? $35.99


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