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Briefcase Portable Iceless Cooler

Briefcase Portable Iceless Cooler

Briefcase Portable Iceless Cooler

The StowCo Briefcase Portable Iceless Cooler Keeps Your Drinks Cold up to 5 Hours!

This amazing little briefcase portable iceless cooler keeps your drinks cold for up to five hours.  It’s ideal for when you get that call from friends to hang out and bring over a few beers.  Designed to look like a briefcase, it features closed cell foam insulation on both sides which traps cold air for hours. The cooler is backpack friendly and can hold up to 3 wine bottles, 10 beer cans, or 6 beer bottles.  The briefcase cooler is versatile enough to be used as a lunch bag for hiking, golf, beach, picnics or whatever outdoor activity where you need to keep food and drinks cold. If you drop the cooler, don’t worry about your bottles breaking, it’s made of molded EVA which is designed precisely to absorb shock and keep bottles snug and protected. Clean up is a breeze, the waterproof material wipes clean with a cloth and that’s it.
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