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Brass Pour Over Drip Coffee Maker



Brass Pour Over Drip Coffee Maker – A New Idea in Coffee Brewing!

This is the kind of stuff you buy only if you are a devout coffee enthusiast.  What makes the Brass Pour Over Drip Coffee Maker special is the quality of build and the fact that it is made of brass which may or may not affect the taste of your coffee.  Some swear as is evident in the reviews of this product that coffee taste much better when brewed using this device.

Maybe it’s the brass or something else perhaps similar to the placebo effect. In any case if you are a coffee enthusiast, and there is a difference between the regular guy or gal who drinks one or two cups of coffee a day and the devout enthusiast who lives for all things coffee, this would be a great addition to your collection of coffee making products and not to mention a great tasting cup of coffee every morning.

The Cost? $55.07



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