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Bottom Pour Gasoline Can

Bottom Pour Gasoline Can


Bottom Pour Gasoline Can

SureCan Bottom Pour Gasoline Can Pours Gas Safely and Easily from Under the Container!


Now this is one of those things that make you ask the question, why wasn’t this thought of before.  When pouring any liquid, its usually an arduous task to tilt the container to pour out the liquid from spout which is usually at the top of the container, if you are not careful, this results in spills and splashes of the liquid on your person or in the environment.


What a difference it would make if the spout was at the bottom of the container.  The SureCan bottom pour gasoline can makes pouring gasoline into your lawn mower, cutter or whatever an easy spill free task by allowing you to pouring gasoline from a nozzle on the bottom of the container. Not only is this spill proof, but it requires no tilting of the container and uses the force of gravity to move the liquid.


Furthermore, this is not an uncontrolled pour, a thumb release trigger and a rotating nozzle controls the flow of the gasoline so there is no spill while pouring.  Try doing that with a regular gas container which you have to balance while pouring to prevent the gasoline from spilling all over the place. The SureCan bottom pour gasoline can is spill proof and is made of 6-wall high-density polyethylene and includes a layer to eliminate the smell of gasoline, so it wont having your garage smelling like fuel.  Great gift for the outdoorsy or accident prone, man in your life.

Cost? $36.89

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