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BikeBOX 24 is an Ingenious Bike Storage Solution for Crowded Garages


Image: bikebox24

BikeBOX 24 is an ingenious bike storage solution for crowded garages. If you are one of those whose garage is filled with junk, and you can barely squeeze in your car but have to leave your bike outdoors. The BikeBOX 24 is the solution you have been waiting for. This lockable storage shed is designed to protect your bike from thieves and the elements.

The storage shed can be stored in your backyard and fits one standard size motorcycle. Made in Germany of ABS resin with flooring made of plywood, it’s waterproof with hydraulic dampers that allows you to easily open and close the hatch much like the trunk of a car.

It provides complete protection for your motorcycle from rain, snow, sleet or any inclement weather condition. Best of all, it locks in place preventing unauthorized access and keeping your bike safe from theft. With amazing durability and a design that resembles a pod from the classic “Halo” video game series, this bike storage shed is guaranteed to turn heads and inquire questions.

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