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Bacteria-Killing Robot

Bacteria-Killing Robot

Bacteria-Killing Robot

This Bacteria-Killing Robot Sanitizes Hospital Rooms Autonomously!

With this Covid-19 outbreak, hospital rooms are probably the most dangerous places to be.  They are practically a paradise for viruses and bacteria.  Disinfecting hospital rooms are usually done by hand, but UVD-Robots is reinventing this process with a bacteria-killing robot that works autonomously disinfecting hospital rooms.  This robot uses UV light to kill pathogens on surfaces in hospital rooms.  Its an extra layer of protection from manually wiping down surfaces with chemicals that is still necessary but the bacteria-killing robot frees up time for cleaners to work on other areas of the hospital that may need urgent cleaning.  The robot works by autonomously roaming hospital rooms while emitting UV-light for a small duration of time in all corners of the room.  They are extremely helpful in keeping hospital rooms clean and preventing the spread of deadly pathogens.
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