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Astronaut Ice Cream Variety Pack



Astronaut Ice Cream Variety Pack – Taste the food of the Astronauts!


Going to space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the goodies of Earth.  The Astronaut Ice Cream Variety Pack lets you sample what it was like for real Astronauts to enjoy ice cream in orbit.  While Astronaut ice cream will not be anything like the ice cream in your freezer, it comes rather close but was designed to withstand an environment that is unlike Earth.  This space ice cream is more like dissolved concoction of sugars, syrup and some crunchy ingredients all coagulated into a gooey mass.  The weird taste of this stuff is why there is still a market for Space ice cream because people just enjoy tasting the unusual.  Space ice cream comes in a variety pack of 5 flavors, chocolate, chocolate chip, cookies & cream, mint chocolate chip, vanilla and Neapolitan each freeze dried and vacuum sealed.

Cost? $27.95

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