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Airblock Transformable Drone

Airblock Transformable Drone

Airblock Transformable Drone

This Airblock Transformable Drone is a Drone, Hovercraft and Land Craft All-in-One!

Operate on land, sea and air with the Airblock transformable drone. This amazing modular drone can be assembled into an air drone, water hovercraft or a land vehicle. Talk about having three-in-one, the Airblock is designed to keep your children active by engaging them in activities that will broaden their horizons. The drone is safe enough that kids as young as 8+ can safely operate it. Features Bluetooth wireless control through Makeblock App (iOS/Android). Using the Makeblock App’s creative function you can add more creation with your Airblock. There are more tricks and new modules waiting for you to explore. The bluetooth remote controller comes with 3 built-in airblock control models, you could switch between drone, hovercraft, or land vehicle model easily. The airblock is easy to manipulate to make it do flips,”S” curve forward or backward.
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