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Acumobility Back Roller

Back Roller

Back Roller

The Acumobility Back Roller is the Ultimate Back Roller!

The Acumobility back roller is the ultimate back roller for obvious reasons.  When you see this thing it looks like something from a monster truck but is gentle enough to give you the most thorough back massage you have ever experienced.  It relieves stress, reverses the damage caused by poor posture and increases flexibility.  Its one of those must have accessories if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or living a sedentary lifestyle.  Acumobility back roller is designed with a spinal gap in between the therapeutic bumps that allows your spine to move freely during rolling and prevents the spine from coming in contact with the therapeutic bumps.  The therapeutic bumps provide deep tissue kneading and may be too intense for the faint hearted.  The roller measure 11” tall and 7.5” wide and can support weight up to 1,000 pounds.
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