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Actron U-Scan Vehicle Diagnostics Code Scanner



Actron U-Scan Vehicle Diagnostics Code Scanner troubleshoots your car’s problem codes!

The Actron U-Scan Vehicle Diagnostics Code Scanner is the OBD II scanner that most of you who understand your vehicles and like to diagnose your own car problems have been looking for.  An OBD II scanner that integrates with your smartphone and displays the problem codes for your vehicle right on your smartphone.  The nasty check engine light is a sign of a problem with your vehicle and the U-Scan OBD II scanner can diagnose the problem code before you spend and exorbitant amount of money taking your car to a mechanic or the dealership.  Small enough to fit in your pocket, the OBD scanner can fit in your pocket and plugs into your vehicle port and connects with your Android or iOS smartphone.  The scan reads your trouble codes and displays them right on your smartphone.  You can choose to repair the problem associated with the trouble codes or turn off the check engine light right from your smartphone.  With the U-Scan you don’t need to waste money with expensive scans, diagnose your own problem codes, fix the problem and save money.

The Cost? $87.80


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