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.50 Caliber Bullet Casing Shot Glasses

.50 caliber bullet casing shot glasses

.50 caliber bullet casing shot glasses

Take a shot with these amazing .50 caliber bullet casing shot glasses!


Take shots with these .50 caliber bullet casing shot glasses.  This amazing little trinket is a shot glass made to look like the bullet casing of the famous .50 caliber round.  It adds a whole new meaning to what is commonly known as taking a shot.  Indeed this is an alcohol shot in a literal “shot glass”.

The .50 caliber shot glass comes in a pair of 2-ounce ceramic shot glasses that are meticulously styled to look like the real .50 caliber bullet casing.  This shot glass will make a great addition to your mancave and is guaranteed to turn heads and inquire questions.

Cost? $10.02

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