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RENPHO Smart Body Measuring Tape


RENPHO Smart Body Measuring Tape

RENPHO Smart Body Measuring Tape Takes Accurate Measurements of Your Body!


The RENPHO Smart Body Measuring Tape reminds me of the times when i was pumping iron daily but couldn’t tell whether i was making gains or not. For those of us who love to weight train we need some tool to assure us that our long hours spent in the gym is actually paying off.


Not just for us weightlifters, but for those seeking a way to measure whether their diet fad is actually working to help them lost the weight. After all, having spent an exorbitant amount of money on some diet fad and avoided the snacks and condiments, you want to know that your efforts are paying off.


This body measuring tape captures and displays accurate measurements of any part of your body, from biceps to the width of your arms, thickness of your legs and circumference of your hips. A digital LCD screen displays the measurements in inches or meters and it has a lock-and-hold feature that makes it easy to measure your body.


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