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BackShield Back Support Seat Cushion


BackShield Back Support Seat Cushion

BackShield Back Support Seat Cushion Enables Good Posture & Eliminates Pain!


Support your back while on the road with the BackShield Back Support Seat Cushion.  This ergonomic back support keeps your back in the right posture which prevents injury and pain.  The BackShield cushion promises to correct bad posture, eliminate pain and allow you sit for hours while driving or sitting at a desk in optimal comfort.


The Backshield design prevents slouching and trains you to sit upright in the correct posture.  The lower portion of your back is supported with the BackShield by a patented layer of stiff material that lift your backbone and prevents compression of your spinal disks.  BackShield can be used in cars or SUV’s, and also at home or at the office.  Backshield slim profile make it ideal for use anywhere you need to support your back without being noticeable.

Cost? $89.95

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