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Giant Telescoping Outdoor Lamp


Giant Telescoping Outdoor Lamp

Giant Telescoping Outdoor Lamp runs off your Car’s Battery!


The giant telescoping outdoor lamp provides lighting while camping or any after dark activities where lighting is required.  Similar to outdoor field lighting, this unique outdoor light attaches to your car and connects to your car battery which sends power through a giant telescoping pole that can extend up to 12 feet into the air.   The extended telescoping pole allows the light to cover a larger area and provide 360-degree area lighting.  The giant telescoping outdoor lamp is perfect for travelling, camping, beach activities and uses super bright 12-volt, 120-watt LED lights.  The light produces up to 8,000 lumens with the 148-watt LED light, and 2,000 lumens with a 48-watt LED light.  The light can be easily controlled by remote control from the ground.

Cost? $44.99

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