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Dog Water Bottle and Travel Bowl


Dog-Water-Bottle with bowl lid on white background

Dog Water Bottle and Travel Bowl keeps your dog refreshed!


Whether you are travelling with your dog or just taking a walk, the Dog Water Bottle and Travel Bowl will keep your dog refreshed and fed.  Designed with your furry friend in mind, the dog water bottle is a 25-ounce food grade stainless-steel bottle with a twist action elongated lid that functions as a water bowl.  The lid is designed to accommodate the schnozzle of most dog breeds and conforms to their natural drinking posture.  The dog water bottle is made from 100% recyclable stainless-steel and the cover from Polypropylene #4 which is also recyclable and will not release BPA or other harmful chemicals into your dog’s drinking water.  Easy to carry around, the dog water bottle fits into standard car and stroller cup holders, backpacks, bike bottle holders as well as the Neosling.

Cost? $13.95

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