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Laser and Tape Measure All-in-One!


Laser and Tape Measure

Laser and Tape Measure All-in-One provides precise measurements!


Next time you are on the job and need precise measurements, reach for the General Tools Laser and Tape Measure combined in one easy to use all-in-one package.  This laser and tape measure ensures that you have highly accurate measurements so your project is built to perfection.  Standard tape measure, provide measurements that can be read with the naked eye but laser measurements are far more precise.  The tape measure combines two accurate measuring tools into one product, the laser can measure up to 50ft and the standard tape can measure up to 16ft. The tape combines the versatility of tape and laser measure in one.  Now you can quickly and easily get both long distance measurements and short-span precision from the same tool.

Cost? $39.97

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