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Floaty Inflatable Seashell Float


Inflatable Seashell Float with girl in pool

The Floaty Inflatable Seashell Float lets you Sunbathe in style!

Summer is here and you want to enjoy as much time on the water as possible. The Floaty Inflatable Seashell Float lets you relax and enjoy the hot summer in your own personal seashell. Relax in your backyard pool while you enjoy the comfort of the inflatable clamshell.  The float is easily inflated in under five minutes thanks to its ingenious extra-large double valve design which also allows it to be deflated in minutes so you can wrap up the day and avoid that late afternoon rainstorm.  Made from high strength material that is guaranteed to last, the float is an absolute representation of a real seashell or clamshell.  The exterior of the float features a beautifully designed matte finish and comes in a bright pink color on the side with a white colored top to reduce solar heating.

The Cost? $70.00


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