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Evapolar Personal Air Conditioner



The Evapolar Personal Air Conditioner keeps your Personal Space cool and comfortable!

Summer is over so you probably won’t need this, but with temperatures still hovering in the upper 80’s the Evapolar Personal Air Conditioner will come in very useful.  The Evapolar air conditioner spreads air evenly around your personal space keeping you cool and comfortable and even humidifies and purifies the air around you.  The Evapolar is the world’s first portable personal air conditioner that you can take with you wherever you go.  Enjoy clean cool air as the air conditioner scrubs the air of dust particles to create the perfect micro-climate for you to enjoy.  The personal air conditioner cube shape allows it to be placed on any flat surface safe and securely.  With a water tank capacity of 750ml and Evaporative cartridges that is made of mineral fibers to prevent bacteria growth inside the device, the Evapolar air conditioner is both safe and environmentally friendly.

The Cost? $359.00

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