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Fibonacci Clock



The Fibonacci Clock tells the time by testing Your Knowledge of Math!

If you can figure out how to tell the time on this Fibonacci Clock, chances are you are a mathematical wiz familiar with the Fibonacci Sequence.  If you love to math you will love figuring out the trick putting two and two together to determine what time is displayed on the clock.  The three colors on the clock is part of the puzzle, red and blue for hours and blue and green for minutes.  Each minute is rounded to five minute increments.  The acrylic screen of the clock is made up of five squares, the side lengths of each square matching the first five Fibonacci numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, and 5; add the red and blue squares to read the hour. The minutes are displayed in five-minute increments, so to get those you just add the green and blue squares and multiply the result by 5.  The Fibonacci Clock is perfect gift for your child interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and most importantly math.

The Cost? $ $84.99 – $134.99


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