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Releaf Ergonomic Handheld Rake



The Releaf Ergonomic Handheld Rake makes bagging leaves a breeze!

So fall is here and you have raked all those leaves into towering hills in our backyard but how to get them all bagged quickly and efficiently?  The Releaf Ergonomic Handheld Rake answers that question by providing a fast, ergonomic and efficient way to quickly bag those leaves.  These are the first rakes to slide over your hands to provide two giant claws which are ideal for scooping leaves.  Granted you will have to invest a little back power to put these rakes to good use.  Of course it would be easier to rake the leaves while dry instead of right after a rain storm.  Nevertheless, the Releaf rake will make your job of handling and bagging leaves much easier than it was before using conventional rakes and shovels.  When not in use simply clasp the two claws together for easy storage.  Made of durable high strength plastic, the Releaf rake is guaranteed to last for many falls to come and make your job of bagging leaves much easier.

The Cost? $23.95

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