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Splash Tunes Pro Shower Speaker



The Splash Tunes Pro Shower Speaker lets you enjoy your favorite songs in the shower!

Well this thing looks like something you use to scrub your skin while in the shower but for those who love singing their favorite tunes while in the shower, this is the perfect addition to your bathroom gear.  The Splash Tunes Pro Shower Speaker is a uniquely designed shower speaker that lets you listen to Spotify or Pandora or whatever you like in the shower via one touch Bluetooth sync connection with your smartphone or tablet in the living room or bedroom up to 32’ away.  The Splash Tunes speaker even allows you to take calls while in the shower if there is an on-call situation that comes up.  The built-in speaker/microphone combination allows for hands free calls or music.  Use it not only in the shower but while relaxing at pool side or canoeing or anywhere a water resistant speaker is needed.  The durable design can withstand a 6-foot drop and floats when it falls in water.  Mount to your shower wall with the included simple oversized suction cups.  Choose from a variety of colors to suit your taste, blue, grey or pink.  Uses one 1200MaH internal rechargeable battery that can last up to 10 hours on a full charge.  Basically the Splash tunes is an all- around versatile speaker that can be used in either rain or shine.

The Cost? $49.99


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